Other name: 개인의 취향 Gaeinui Chwihyang Gustos personales Preferencia Personal Personal Preference Gae In's Taste Personal Taste Description: Jeon Jin Ho is a straight guy who is mistaken as gay when he applies to become Park Gae In's roommate. A Perfect Match believes in the right of every infertile couple, same sex couple, or single person to choose an egg donor and/or gestational surrogate whom they believe is the best fit for their own family. With Danica McKellar, Paul Greene, Graham Verchere, Elise Gatien.

I think this film was nothing but a cheap knock off of Eddie Murphy's "Boomerang". Forced to work together, two event planners learn that opposites can produce the most unexpected results. This book is exceedingly well written, which is often something lacking from modern novels, yet not here. The acting was mediocre, the cinematography was just there, and the editing was garbage. Directed by Ron Oliver. There is a nice little plot twist in this film but it's not enough to make it a good film, in my opinion. "The Perfect Match" wasn't exactly the perfect movie. A Perfect Match captured me from start to finish and I devoured it within two days of receiving it. His hobbies include organization and ironing, and he's known for his stoic poker face. The characters are well established and I found Mrs Westlake's scheming hilarious.