Mayweather cars and private jet, other luxury items. Mayweather is believed to own more than a hundred cars, and is known for buying numerous versions of the same car to acquire different styles. Floyd Mayweather also owns an Aston Martin One-77. Pretty Boy has amassed his own fleet of dream motors which is said to be worth £20million.. This car is powered by a 7.3 L DOHC 4 valves per cylinder with Variable Valve Timing V12 engine. Rolls Royce Ghost The Undefeated World Boxing Council (WBC) champion has a great love for luxury cars and report has it that he has more than 100 luxury cars and he is known for keeping a collection of white-painted cars in his Miami home. Floyd Mayweather's pricey car collection took a massive hit this week -- when a trailer transporting Floyd's Bentley and 2 Rolls Royce whips burned down to the ground ... TMZ Sports has learned. $ 560 Million Floyd Mayweather Net Worth: Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is an American professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer. Floyd Mayweather’s Car Collection Car collection for Mayweather began in earnest in 1996, shortly after her loss from a semifinal match at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Josie Harris, the mother to three of boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather's children, has been found dead in her car in California. It's time to spend the earned money, Mayweather thought and published a collection of luxury cars, a personal jet and a lot of expensive exclusive jewelry for his Instagram followers.

This engine produces 750 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of … He competed from 1996 to 2007 and 2009 to 2015, and made a one-fight comeback in 2017. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a well-known figure in the boxing world. After the loss, Mayweather went into professional boxing and, according to history, he bought a 1996 Mercedes 600S with his first earnings. The Aston Martin One-77’s prices start at US$1.87 million. Floyd Mayweather is said to have over one hundred cars Credit: Refer to Caption.

He is also said to own a collection of all white cars in Miami and a group of all black cars in L.A. Let us take a closer look at Floyd Mayweather’s top 10 car collection: 10.