Check out Kevin Na's yearly results, profile information, lifetime earnings, and more. Na’s yips troubles started at the 2012 Players Championship. Despite his many years as a pro, Na has battled with the yips for over five years. A ‘whiff’ is a most embarrassing moment for any golfer. I guess life as Kevin Na isn’t all bad! In the aftermath of Kevin Na's third PGA Tour victory in his last 30 starts at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open last week in Las Vegas, an emotional Na spoke in Korean to his fans in his native birth country For 45 seconds, most golf fans who aren't fluent in Korean could only pick up on co Somehow, Na improved a … Kevin Na might be most remembered as the tour pro who couldn’t hit the ball. Witness several “whiffs” on tee shots a few years back, when he would get stuck on the downswing and pull up just before impact, purposely missing the ball. Kevin Na has a special pre shot routine that isn’t often repeated. So just a little bit of a breaker of the wrist just to settle the hands and just to get the swing tempo kind of grove before the shot is actually played. Follow your favorite pro golfer, Kevin Na. Kevin Na's win was impressive, if only because of all he has had to overcome to get there. Everyone has a waggle before they start the swing in most cases. Na is 34 years old and has been playing professionally for 17 years Na had a difficult time with the yips over the past few years. I am surprised to have read so many comments speculating that Kevin Na should have been penalised for his apparent ‘whiff’ (known as a ‘fresh air’ where I come from) on the 15th tee at TPC Summerlin, in Nevada, last Saturday. Na is likeable on a personal level and you find yourself feeling empathetic towards him throughout the interview… that is until you remember his $20.7 million in career earnings and look at his picture perfect swing. But his week in Las Vegas wasn't the only thing that mattered in the golf world this week. A recent example of the yips is Kevin Na. WHO: Kevin Na WHAT: 224-yard fairway wood from a cart path to the front of the green ... which I would call the 'Swing Yips.'