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Peter Dredd “If She Wants To Believe That.. It’s Cool” A lot happened yesterday on Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio Show. Charlamagne's comments come after Nicki invited the hosts of The Joe Budden Podcast to her Queen Radio show just to check Joe for calling her a "liar."
Published. By. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of Nicki Minaj, Charlamagne is a coward and Joe Budden is a bigot and I’m glad she put them two right back in their places. SHARES. Charlamagne Hits Back at Nicki Minaj: ‘We Never Banned Her from The Breakfast Club!’ 315. Nicki Minaj surprised everyone after dragging popular rapper turned podcast Joe Budden and eventually sending him off the show. Charlamagne Responds To Nicki Minaj’s ‘Hate Train’ Claims. August 13, 2019.

Charlamagne Tha God claims he 'never' banned Nicki Minaj from hip-hop radio show 'The Breakfast Club' after the rapstress tweeted she wasn't allowed on. Nicki Minaj hosted an explosive episode of her Beats 1 show Queen Radio yesterday (Aug. 12), where she had Joe Budden come on as a guest to address comments he made about her behavior. on. So on Monday (Aug. 20), “The Breakfast Club’s” Charlamagne Tha God gave Nicki the “Donkey of the Day” and said she ought to be happy about selling so many albums. Nicki Minaj indignantly complained Thursday that she’d been “banned” from rap’s hottest radio show, “The Breakfast Club.” But it’s news to the show’s co-host, Charlamagne tha God . Share …