She was also diagnosed with brachycephalic syndrome, a condition that affects … That was because the pit bull puppy, who Altamirano named Sassy, was born with dwarfism as well as serious congenital deformities, likely due to inbreeding. Delta underwent extensive testing before being diagnosed with canine dwarfism. A pocket Pitbull is a smaller version of one of the popular Pitbull breeds. Sassy is technically a "purebred" pit bull, but bad breeding led her to have dwarfism - she's about a quarter of the size of a full-grown pit bull, according to Altamirano. Pocket dogs are bred by outcrossing with smaller dogs, deliberately introducing dwarfism to a breeding line, or selectively breeding from runts over several generations. But so does the health they’ll enjoy, too. The size of a pocket Pitbull depends upon the method used. "Tiny Boy" is a 9-month-old dwarf pit bull, and because of his disability he can not walk or run; he mostly just scoots around.