Good Book Guides; Shop by Type; Small group studies; Multimedia studies; One-to-One studies; Devotionals . The Good Book : The Good Book  is great for individuals, and it can also be used by small groups in an eight-week church-wide program or a forty-week journey that focuses on one Bible chapter each week. A small New Testament passes through the hands of fourteen strangers. I'm used to this language being peppered with things I don't believe in, and listening to it at weddings or funerals generally gives me a lump in my stomach.
The Good Book begins with Genesis, where you can see the ideas of Darwin laid out in an inspirational way. The Good Book  will help people understand and live by the transformative truths of the Bible.

With Jenn Gotzon, Bella Higginbotham, Torry Martin, Rebecca Lines. For seven of the individuals, their lives will never be the same.
Reading through this I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. The Good Book is an inspired work of insight, wisdom, solace, and commentary on the human condition drawn from the world's great humanist traditions of thought and literature, Western and Easter alike. Directed by Sharon Wilharm.