The cost varies, but generally ranges from $1.50 to $15 per slice (though this is a very general and loose estimate). Wedding Cake Design A plain wedding cake with some ornamental edges will keep things on the lower end of the average cost of a wedding cake. See 1000's of wedding cake photos and then find the right baker to help you pull it off. Learn how to make a rustic, homemade wedding cake in just a few simple steps. For other occasions you could make one 9x13 and 12 cupcakes. All ingredients for baking and icing the wedding cake 12", 9", and 6" cake pans, each 3" tall. While this may sound like a lot for a dessert, you’d be surprised as to how much work goes into creating a … I'm sure you will like this recipe! While wedding cake prices do vary depending on the size and style of your cake, the average cost of a wedding cake in the U.S. is around $500 with most couples spending between $300 to $700. Wedding Cakes Your wedding cake is like the exclamation point on the reception and it should be a total reflection of your style and taste (pun intended). This is moist and delicious yellow cake that will be a favorite in your recipe file. Wedding cake is often priced by the slice. It was way too dense and not very light as wedding cake should be. Making a wedding cake is really not that hard. This cake is more like a pound cake and would be good baked in a smaller pan like a pound cake or no yeast bread. (available at craft stores and baking supply The cake doesn't taste too It calls for 24 servings so it's a good start on a wedding cake. Adding pearls, fondant, icing flowers, 3-D wafer paper, hand-painted elements, and the years of experience needed This cake was nothing like wedding cake at all.