Deleted December 1970 and replaced with normal LP format without the book. Discuss: Apple now officially owns Beatles' Apple Corps logo Sign in to comment. The Beatles logo is known as the “drop-T” logo, which was hastily drawn by Ivor Arbiter when the Beatles bought a drum kit in the shop he owned and asked for the name of the band to appear on it. Original box set LP sleeve had a Red Apple Logo on the reverse.

Whatever else it is or isn’t, it is the best album they have ever released, and only the Beatles are capable of making a better one. The Beatles song “Hey Jude” was almost never a hit because the apple label on the vinyl was considered “pornographic”. Perhaps this is the right place to add something about the Apple logo. The Beatles (Apple SWBO 101). The Beatles, who are the perfect product and result of everything that rock and roll means and encompasses.

Includes a 164 page book, "The Beatles Get Back".

Apple Records of course was The Beatles own record company, launched in the summer of 1968. There are a number of color and design variations that set apart The Beatles' famous Apple label.

In different countries around the world, and at different times, the appearance of the label changes and this (along with other indicators) helps keen collectors to identify where particular pressings might be from. Never has this been so plainly evident as on their new two-album set. The official catalog# of this box set is PXS 1, however the LP sleeve and the record itself carried the standard catalog# PCS 7096. The principal members included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

replaced with this standard Green Apple sleeve. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. In 1993 Paul McCartney explained to the Belgian journalist Johan Ral the origins of the Apple …

Apple Records is a record label founded by the Beatles in 1968 as a division of Apple Corps Ltd. You are either hip to it, or you ain’t.

It was first used on the single ‘Hey Jude’/’Revolution’.

The Beatles was an English rock band formed in 1960 in Liverpool.