A Foreign Policy for the Global Age President Clinton understood from the beginning of his presidency that the most pervasive force in our world is globalization. He also understood that while globalization is inexorable, its benefits must be harnessed to advance our objectives of …

Closest historical analog: the Bill Clinton foreign policy of the 1990s. Still, for Clinton, wartime was not a foreign concept either. (3) Ted Cruz, unilateralist. Unlike his predecessor or successor in the White House, President Bill Clinton never dealt with the United States being committed to waging a full-scale war in any part of the world. Mourning his friend Shimon Peres, the former president returns to the scene of his greatest disappointment. I had written some language for it and he kept saying, 'Foreign policy is domestic policy.' A fairer critique of the Clinton administration’s foreign policy might focus less on a lack of vision and more on a lack of attention. Between 1993 and the signing of the Welfare Reform bill in 1996, the Administration granted waivers to a record 43 states.

Foreign Policy. Sen. Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy team included veteran Clinton administration officials seeking to revive U.S. leadership through a balance of soft and hard power.

He enacted contractionary fiscal policy.First, he raised taxes with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, his first budget.

Clinton Was the "Globalization President" Yes. Clinton committed troops to NATO airstrikes on Serbian forces in Kosovo in 1999. In terms of foreign policy, the Clinton record is also mixed. One of Clinton's core missions as President, he often said, was to prepare Americans for a world in which global economic forces failed to respect national boundaries. Bill Clinton's unfinished business in Israel.

Although the administration already had made numerous foreign policy decisions, issues at home were clearly most important to the voters. The Clinton Presidency: A Historic Era of Progress and Prosperity Longest economic expansion in American history The President's strategy of fiscal discipline, open foreign markets and investments in the American people helped create the conditions for a record 115 months of economic expansion. What exactly did Clinton do? Bill Clinton; Bill Clinton: Impact and Legacy. President Clinton ordered the Federal Government to make it easier for states to receive waivers from government regulations in order to implement innovative welfare reform projects. The Deficit Reduction Act raised the top income tax rate from 28% to 36% for those earning more than $115,000, and 39.6% for … Source: My Life, by Bill Clinton, p.951 , Jun 21, 2004 Foreign policy is domestic policy Speechwriter Anthony Lake recalled, "in 1991 Clinton was preparing a foreign policy speech. The most aggressive of the three contenders thus far.