Spoonbread Dressing. Browse our recipes for cornbread dressings and more for your table. By Carla Hall October/November 2019 Issue.

With this recipe, I’ve saved you the step of baking a whole loaf of cornbread … Oh. Her choice ingredients are turkey sausage and dried cherries. What's Carla's can't-beat stuffing? In spite of using bread along with the cornbread, rest assured the end result is a flavor that’s unmistakably dominated by the cornbread. God. When Thanksgiving Day rolls around at Carla Hall’s house, you’re not about to see a big roasted turkey as her table’s centerpiece.

This cornbread dressing recipe includes cubed white bread along with the cornbread for added texture and to balance the flavors. ... dressing (that’s stuffing to you Northerners)—onion, celery, and sage—and suspended them in a creamy one-pan cornbread. As a real southern girl, she starts with flourless cornbread that's "full of fat." My. Call it stuffing or dressing, Thanksgiving isn't complete without it.