Even today, as social media influences celebrities to be more authentic and accessible, new stars have traded their names …

*Says "who's that" 15 times* Below are the real first and middle names of 15 celebrities.

Michael Keaton didn't want to be confused with Michael Douglas. Which is why we've taken the original names of some of the biggest celebrities – and put them into a tricky quiz. You follow celebrity news closely, you know who's feuding with whom, who's been arrested, who just gave birth and which two big stars are secret hookup buddies. Real Name: Eric Marlon Bishop. Trending. All you've got to do is correctly guess who the name belongs to. Here are 30 celebrities who you may not know changed their name… We compiled a list with the real birth names and stage names (pseudonyms) of several famous people: Well, we have a surprise for you: Chances are, you don’t know any of those celebs’ real names. "A rose by any other name" is supposed to smell as sweet, but while that may be true in love, it isn't always so in show business.Below are the real names of some famous faces.

Here we discuss 25 famous celebrities and why they changed their real names to the famous stage names they are known by now! See if you can identify the celebrity from just their real name... (And if you're looking for another quiz to flex your knowledge of names, see if you can name the '80s bands hidden in these tricky anagrams.) Celebrities: Celebrities real names: 08: Celebrity's birthdays: Who's birthday is it today? Celebrities like to use things called "stage names" when their real names are too embarrassing or hard to spell. Miley Cyrus' name was inspired by a nickname. Some birth names are too long, sound silly or just lack that certain Hollywood pizzazz needed for stardom.

We're also on Instagram and tumblr. Many actors and actresses use stage names for privacy or to get ahead in a tough industry. 1. Celebrities: Celebrities real names: 08: Celebrity's birthdays: Who's birthday is it today? Stacker reveals the real names of celebrities. For some celebrities, a name change is all part of cultivating a persona (think Lady Gaga). List of real names of celebrities, including actors, singers, wrestlers, and even politicians. For others, there’s a practical reason behind choosing a new moniker. Reginald Kenneth Dwight: Elton John Kit Harington's real name is Christopher. Image: Getty.

Being a celebrity is often one of the highest degrees of notability, although the word notable is mistakened to be synonymous with the title celebrity, fame, prominence etc. The Real Names of 30 Famous Actors. All you've got to do is correctly guess who the name belongs to. But not all celebrities are born with the perfect showbiz name.

celebrity real names, funny celebrity names, hilarious celebrity names, real celebrity names, real name meme; Follow. Below, you’ll find a list of 25 celebrities and they’re real names to store in your brain for your next trivia night.

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Stage Name: Jamie Foxx. The surprising real names of celebrities and singers - and the reasons behind their new ones After Emma Stone revealed her real name we take a look at the first - … Cultivating a unique persona with the help of a stage name. Apart from the fact they have full time glam squads, get invited to swanky VIP parties and have the ability to change their names without anyone batting an … The stars are often famous for giving their children unique, uncommon names. See you if are a master at celebrity names. Celebrities Whose Names Sound Fake But Are Actually Real From Madonna to Zendaya to Thelonious Monk, here are the celebs who use their real names.