The album, a collection of dance songs, comprised tracks and remixes from Love and Kisses. Roger wrote the track especially for Dannii and she added the vocals to the song in London. Dannii Minogue — “Who Do You Love Now” The diva’s edgy new sound resonated with fans and the song became a global hit. It peaked at number 42 on the UK albums chart, and sold nearly 60,000 copies in its own right. The track was co-written by one of Dannii's X Factor UK finalists, Ruth Lorenzo (she also sings backing vocals). Quite why radio / the media turned on Dannii is anyone’s guess.

(It even peaked at #15 on the Billboard club chart.) This 2007 collection contains previously unreleased songs and dance remixes of her biggest hits.

September 2005: New track "Trip (Thriller Jill presents Dannii Minogue)" features on the "Departure Lounge - World Grooves" CD released on Petrol Records. It's not really 'new', it was first recorded in 2010 and was supposed to be on Dannii's comeback album, which she shelved after becoming pregnant. Radio just didn’t want to play Dannii Minogue anymore, and the media began a backlash. Danni Minogue has just as much talent as her sister Kylie, as evident by her eleven consecutive #1 Dance Singles in the UK. It was around this 2005/2006 period that she received the threats about outing her as having HIV in the paper unless she made an official statement, as well as the CCTV set-up which captured Dannii receiving a lap dance from a female … April 2005: Recorded a track "Believe Me Now" with DJ Roger Sanchez for her upcoming album.