Factory farming enables mass production to supply the demands of today’s society but also enables the cruel treatment of animals. Animal Cruelty on Factory Farms “This is horrible! These cages are far too small for the hens.

There’s a good reason for that. We’ll get into that more below. Did you know that out of the 26 million egg laying hens in the UK, over 16 Million are kept in battery cages?! The processes used in this practice can also lead to environmental problems and human health issues. Factory Farming, also known as Intensive Farming, is a form of Animal Abuse. We're dedicated to improving the lives of as many of the world's 50 billion factory-farmed animals as possible. Why Factory Farming Is The Largest Cause Of Animal Abuse In History February 2, 2016 According to the United Nations, the number of industrial livestock sent to slaughter each year is equivalent to eight times the human population on planet Earth .

Forget the slogans. Businesses are exploiting and abusing animals on a staggering scale for the sake of profit. What is factory farming animal cruelty Posted February 22, 2020 March 2, 2020 DJ When I regularly see people online and elsewhere talking about factory farming and stating how the animals are mistreated or abused and all factory farms should all be closed down. Forget the catchy jingles. However, farm animal welfare is just the beginning.
Forget the clever advertising. Learn more and support the campaign to free animals from cruelty. Animals Australia's public awareness campaigns speak up for animals in factory farms on billboards, public transport, and national radio. Join us and take a stand.

Learn about factory farming. This is animal cruelty.
The terms factory farming and cruelty are frequently used in the same sentence. I can’t even watch this!” Those were my immediate thoughts the first time my eyes were opened to the inhumane animal cruelty on factory farms.