Mind you, it could be just the blokes sticking together.

I'm with hubby too, although only technically (using "ground" in that way wouldn't catch my attention normally). GROUNDFLOOR was founded on the idea that private capital markets should be open to individual investors, regardless of their wealth or financial status. Cheers John. I admit I have trouble remembering to say ceiling instead of "roof". 'It was bureaucratic and tedious.'

I think the "ground" floor is the floor thats resting on the (earth) ground! Define ground floor. ground floor synonyms, ground floor pronunciation, ground floor translation, English dictionary definition of ground floor. As a result, we are not reliant on traditional financial institutions for our lending capital, and can continue financing deals and offering new investments on the platform, even in times of crisis. n. 1. You should consult with your own attorneys, accountants, and other professional advisors prior to making an investment. I applaud Groundfloor in really building a business from the ground up where they're focused on the non-accredited investor. 2. Ground floor - definition of ground floor by The Free Dictionary.

'It was a nightmare working with banks,' Costanzo said. Although Groundfloor believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, actual results and performance could differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. Costanzo then reached out to Groundfloor…. The floor of a building at or nearest ground level.