Willi Jentzsch and Gertrud Drange were the parents of Herlind Jentzsch, who married Horst Kasner and gave birth to Angela Kasner who married Ulrich Merkel and thus are the maternal grandparents of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Herlind Kasner's in laws: Herlind Kasner's father in law was Ludwig Kasner Herlind Kasner's mother in law is Margarethe Kazmierczak Herlind Kasner's grandfather in law is Ludwik Wojciechowski Herlind Kasner's grandmother in law was Anna Kazmierczak Herlind Kasner… Herlind Kasner, a former English teacher and the mother of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has passed away. Right here at FameChain. After the death of Willi Jentzsch in … Find out about Horst Kasner & Herlind Kasner Married, children, joint family tree & history, ancestors and ancestry. ... Horst Kasner's father was Ludwig Kasner Horst Kasner's mother is Margarethe Kazmierczak. Merkel said her mother always showed "great … Angela Merkel, left, and her mother Herlind Kasner on the campaign trail in 2005.