Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk remake sees awkward news presenters go viral after dancing on tables. Uptown Funk covered by 280 movies is our favourite mash-up of 2015 so far "I'm in no hurry to sue them, these processes take a long time, and my life and career does not depend on lawsuits. Uptown Funk (feat. I mean, maybe a club in 1981. Mar 1, 2020, 9:13 am* Streaming . Staying true to the original track, Amber Skyes and Ron Geffen Studio remake Mark … The same crazy kids who brought us a satirical Air Force training video right before a pivotal football game took to the streets of Annapolis to film a shot-for-shot remake of the ‘Uptown Funk’ music video. By Deron Hamel January 26, 2018 Entertainment, Local News. Senior Citizens Remake 'Uptown Funk' ABC News Videos • February 26, 2015 "Uptown Funk" gets an old school makeover from a group of senior citizens. Bruno Mars) by Mark Ronson [Clean Version] Subscribe for more clean mixes! Alex Boye proves age is just a number in his new music video remaking "Uptown Funk" called "Oldtown Cover." Bottle-popping lyrics aside, one hesitates to call “Uptown Funk!” a club record per se. Navy members remake "Uptown Funk" The Navy salutes its home base of Annapolis, Md., in a new parody of "Uptown Funk" called "Naptown Funk." 'La La Land' Gets Remake by Uptown Funk Treadmill Dancer Carson Dean (Video) Movies By TooFab Staff | 2/7/2017 2:47 PM PT Viral dancing sensation Carson Dean may … Yes, it's a catchy song, but is this latest video … Titled ‘Naptown Funk,’ this new spin on a hit … Transcript for Senior Citizens Remake 'Uptown Funk' There announce have for the next distinctive investigator Chris L week. This all-senior-citizen remake of ‘Uptown Funk’ will have you shuffling right along These senior citizens are more funky than you'd ever imagine.

These moms rap and dance about their smelly kids in a parody called 'Two Day Funk.' Remake of Uptown Funk video makes Landmark Village residents YouTube celebrities 15 residents produce a 'remarkably accurate re-creation' of Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars hit . Rap trio the Sequence sue Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson for copyright infringement over “Uptown Funk.”

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(YouTube still) By Sarah Blaskovich. Local moms remake ‘Uptown Funk’ with cheeky, real-life stories. All right you just that this subs but we … Follow me on Instagram @djmichaeldean. Two weeks before their planned Saturday Night Live performance together, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson have joined forces on the British producer's funky new single, "Uptown Funk…