The official Joe Strummer YouTube channel for The Clash icon, solo artist and musician. It’s the autumn of 1999 and Joe Strummer is in the kitchen of his Somerset home rapping about the perils of rock superstardom. REVOLUTION ROCK WHEN JOE STRUMMER, LEAD SINGER OF THE CLASH, DIED ONE YEAR AGO THIS MONTH, THE WORLD LOST A TRUE … THE MUSIC INTERVIEW 142 REVOLUTION ROCK BY ELTON JOHN AND BONO Joe Strummer, The Clash's front man, transformed music with his rebellious spirit. Joe Strummer, my favourite front man of all time, with a song I can remember chanting at the top of my voice at the Glasgow Apollo! “I don’t know whether I could have hacked it. ... Don't like this video? On the first anniversary of his death, two music heavyweights discussed the legacy of this radical rocker. It’s a … One of the reasons The Clash broke up was we saw what The Who were like at the end of their tether.