His dream is to be become one of the Knights of Valour, like his grandfather was, but his father Reginald (Alfred Molina), the chief counsel to the Queen (Olivia Williams), wants his son to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer.
Audience Reviews for Justin and the Knights of Valour May 26, 2015 Minor effort about a kid, who's granddad was a big deal of a knight in shining armor, aspiring to be the same.

Justin (Freddie Highmore) lives in a kingdom where bureaucrats rule and knights have been ousted.

The story is weak predictable and obviously stolen from How To Train Your Dragon, it has every kids movie cliché you can possibly imagine. Justin and the Knights of Valour is completely unfunny despite it's promising cast, and it's depressing that Mark Strong (Frank D'Amico) is the villain.
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