The case underscores fears among German officials and executives about industrial espionage in Europe’s largest manufacturing nation.

EXPORT ENFORCEMENT, ECONOMIC ESPIONAGE, TRADE SECRET AND EMBARGO-RELATED CRIMINAL CASES (January 2010 to the present: updated June 27, 2016) Below is a brief description of some of the major export enforcement, economic espionage, theft of trade Spain’s second largest bank under investigation in massive espionage scandal July 31, 2019 by Ian Allen 1 Comment Spain’s second largest bank has been placed under investigation in connection with a probe into an illegal network that spied on scores of politicians, business executives, journalists and judges for over 20 years. Nation-state cyber espionage, cyber war, United States, China, Russia, cyber spying, Stuxnet, ... but the attack is considered one of the largest in the history of cyber espionage. In the settlement, one of the largest in a corporate espionage case, Volkswagen also agreed to buy at least $1 billion worth of auto parts from the … The case discusses the corporate espionage controversy involving two of the world''s largest consumer product companies, Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Unilever, in the early 21st century. Israel accuses activist Ayman Haj Yahya of espionage for Iran as Arab leaders call it a politically motivated case. It gives an overview of the concepts of competitive intelligence and corporate espionage and … The case, which was finally settled in 1997, resulted in one of the largest settlements in the history of industrial espionage, with Volkswagen agreeing to pay General Motors $100 million and to buy at least $1 billion of car parts from the company over 7 years, although it … ... Obviously it varies case by case… SUMMARY OF MAJOR U.S. Our ensuing investigation of the attacks of 9/11—code-named “PENTTBOM”—was our largest investigation ever. According to the FBI, this case was the most extensive espionage investigation in the history of the FBI and considered to be the largest US espionage conspiracy case in modern history. Los Angeles Times 9 Jun 1990, “Alleged Spy Called Brilliant, Erratic” Israeli citizen indicted for 'spying' for Iran is identified.