April 25. ... he would go to open-mic nights – often with his wife, Leesa, a drama teacher, and their first baby in tow. He revealed: “Basically my wife and my mum turned up. Pages Public Figure Comedian Romesh Ranganathan Videos Another day another content free Live. Comedian Romesh Ranganathan is joined by celebrity guests and the Ranganation (his very own focus group made up of 25 members of the Great British public) to take a topical, funny look at modern Britain. Romesh Ranganathan has the court room turn on him, when wife Leesa and mum Shanti realise he's been playing them against each other. With Romesh Ranganathan, Shanthi Ranganathan, Lisa Loops, Mark Ryder. I'm from my bedroom, my wife and my bedroom how is it going? Judge Romesh Romesh Ranganathan on the Funny Combination of his Wife and Mother 14:20. I hope you're well. My wife Leesa and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary next year, but if my comedy gigs petered out and I was around the house more, we’d 100% be getting divorced. Romesh Ranganathan revealed his wife Leesa was annoyed that his mum was cooking for him Credit: Alamy.

Romesh Ranganathan’s teenage struggle with poverty was ‘insane’ As a teenager, top comic Romesh Ranganathan's father went to prison, their house was repossessed and his family spent 18 months in a B&B awaiting a council house – in his Letter To My Younger Self, he explains how his fight with poverty turned him from lazy teen to the hardest working person on television… Romesh Ranganathan and his mum Homa Khaleeli.