(Well, that, and their hefty price tags.) LittleWalter. The AMERICAN SERIES use 9 pin or "Noval" pre amp tubes for a more "High Gain" approach to your tone.

... Phil Bradbury here with Little Walter two bands. They use the same preamp tube, the overdrive comes from the 6v6 power tubes. (Well, that, and their hefty price tags.) 3:36.

Bob from NY . But the only dizzying things about Little Walter amps are their superb tones and boldly minimalist designs.

Color Choices. One misunderstanding about Little Walter amps I want to clear up: you pick your wattage based on how much headroom you want. Little Walter Tube Amps. TM. Marion Walter Jacobs (May 1, 1930 – February 15, 1968), known as Little Walter, was an American blues musician, singer, and songwriter, whose revolutionary approach to the harmonica and impact on succeeding generations has earned him comparisons to such seminal artists as Django Reinhardt, Charlie Parker and Jimi Hendrix. "-Tim Smith, Sound Emporium Studio, Nashville, TN. Bedroom or club players might be tempted to grab a 22 watt because the number is smaller, but I've found the 22 is louder than his 80 watt. The Little Walter amp is the best. Cover Price List All covers include Little Walter™ embroidered logo. Jazz Guitar Today reached out to Phil Bradbury of Little Walter Tube Amps to discuss Robben Ford’s new amp. Little Walter Tube Amps.

Little Walter mastermind Phil Bradbury won the endorsements of A-list Nashville players with two previous amps: a 22-watt model driven by two 6V6 power tubes, and a 50 … Little Walter Tube Amps web site. Robben mentioned to Vince about […] The VINTAGE AMERICAN SERIES use 8 pin or "Octal" pre amp tubes and embody the FIrst Generation of American Amplifiers. Little Walter Tube Amps | Creator and Builder of Little Walter Tube Amps. Thank you for the covers for my Little Walter Amp. Little Walter Tube Amplifiers are hand built in North Carolina using all point-to-point hand wired construction and pine cabinetry. One of the amp builder's friends made a comment that he looked like Walter … Read about Little Walter Tube Amps at: www.littlewaltertubeamps.com Covers Basic Cover / Embroidered Logo. Be sure to ask if there are any available. Some ultra-premium amps are packed with a dizzying array of features. Inspired by classic American designs but clones of nothing, Little Walter amps are revelation in tone, clarity, and sensitivity. Excellent work, looks great!! Top endorsees/artists who use LWTA include: Vince Gill, Reggie Young, Paul Franklin, Tommy White, Bruce Bouton, Randy Kohrs, Dann Huff, Joe Don Rooney,

with special pricing. To hear the bluesy overdriven tone of the 22 watt click here: To hear the warm, clean tone of the 22 watt click here: NOTE: To return to this site use the back arrow to the left of the video at the top of the page you are on. To inquire about the features or specs on any Little Walter Tube Amp model . I'd like to take a few minutes and show you my newest creation, The King Arthur it was the first time that I actually attempted to do an all nine PM. TM. It appears we’ve hit a home run with our first 9 pin amp!

397 talking about this. But the only dizzying things about Little Walter amps are their superb tones and boldly minimalist designs.

This amp has proven itself from the Big City Jazz clubs to the Back Alley Blues Joints. ... but I wanna show you the versatility of this little amp. special offers, promotions, or demonstrators . January 28. JGT: How did you make the connection with Robben Ford? You can achieve all those killer natural overdriven tube tones and just roll off the volume a bit and clean up the signal. The 10 watt capitalizes on "Pure Tube Tone". Little Walter Tube Amps Endorsee Jam 2013 feat/ Dann Huff and Paul ... Austin Amp Show Little Walter … LITTLE WALTER 50 WATT HEAD DEMO CLEAN ... Roger Fortner 18,563 views. 4:30.

Robben Ford & Little Walter Amps Discussion in 'The Sound Hound Lounge' started by blustrat, Apr 15, 2020. CALL: 910.315.2445. or EMAIL to: phil@littlewaltertubeamps.com . The Little Walter amps sorta have the same grass-roots PR vibe the Lazy J's did just a few years back---everyone who played one raving about how special the amp was, though such a simple and replicated circuit, but some sort of hidden mojo in the amps. This model comes in a head, 12" vintage Tweed combo, or the Little Walter 12" combo cabinet. Some ultra-premium amps are packed with a dizzying array of features.