Idk whats wrong with my thoughts. im a piece of iron or house. for example: I like my eyes, I like how im good at _____, i like that i am lovable enough for my parents.

I don't intend to those things. i dont have a brain. i cant love . I sat there and listened as it told me to drown myself over and over again.

The voice in my head that sounds like my own voice is always saying, thinking, and telling my evil things. I hear what sounds like my voice saying bad things in my head everyday. Sometimes they say things that don’t make sense. they just happen automatically: Hi, thanks for reading.please help me. I write some of them down. My voice inside appeared when i finished with my boy friend and it was filled with negative destructive words.

men only love me because im pretty and not for my personality. Basically I hear other people’s voices inside my head. When the Voice Inside Your Head Turns Bad Empowering yourself to challenge your inner critic. eg. Sometimes it says things like "if you don't go do this you� I have this voice in my head that talks to me and tells me what to do. That voice is a voice i heard for many years. What helped me shut that voice up was something as simple as saying three things I like about myself, and three positive things about my day. I know how hard it is to hear that voice. Sometimes it tells me that it wants me to kill people or rape women. messed up stuff. It started when I was 10 or 11.

The strange part is. Men, women, teens, children, gruff old men. now i try to think logically and rationally and talk to my.inner voice takes time. When the Voice Inside Your Head Turns Bad Empowering yourself to challenge your inner critic. The first thing my inner voice said was drown yourself, while I was bathing. im not human.

Posted Apr 18, 2012 Posted Apr 18, 2012 i dont have a heart. One example is ‘he cannot these cortexes find.’

I was have been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorder. The things I hear inside my head, no psychiatrist has ever really been able to explain, and I’ve been through a few.

im a bus.