Richard Hell pretty well invented the punk prototype- he had the look, the style, the attitude and even the name. By. 0. He played in the first wave of bands that brought attention to CBGB and became famous in 1977 as the auteur of the album Blank Generation. “Without a doubt, the single most influential thing I’ve done was my haircut,” Richard Hell writes in Massive Pissed Love, his new collection of nonfiction. And I always waved it off because I didn't expect to. My Season in Hell: Richard Hell. His first one-man show was at the legendary Cable Gallery in 1984, and since then, he has showed his bold word paintings; Richard Hell was one of the originators of punk music. Innes Reekie-February 24, 2011.

Richard Hell interview. After roles in seminal groups like Television, The Heartbreakers and Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Richard Hell quit music in 1984 and in doing so also ditched a drug habit he’d been carrying around for years. He is also one of the great gutter poets of our time. Innes Reekie celebrates the great man… Ma Saison en Enfer : Arthur Rimbaud.

It’s a characteristically self-deprecating statement from a writer who started as one of the main sparks in New York City’s 1970s punk-rock movement. Richard Hell is an author and poet who is probably best known by readers of this site as the leader of Richard Hell and the Voidoids, one of the classic NYC bands of the early punk rock era. Richard Hell: The subject had come up a few times over the years of the possibility of me doing a kind of autobiography or a memoir or something. Christopher Wool is widely recognized as one of the world's most important painters. When the publisher of his new book Godlike offered me the chance to interview him, I said, "Howdy-do!"