Unfortunately, the rules governing whether to place punctuation inside or outside speech marks are not straightforward. "I don't want to go to school today". A reporting clause is used at the end (said Jane, shouted Paul, replied Mum). Direct speech is any word spoken by a character, it can be used to help develop the characters and plot. A full stop goes after the reporting clause.

Each line of speech starts with a capital. Punctuation Marks Rules and Examples. The quick summary is: Semicolons and colons – outside Exclamation marks and question marks – according to logic Commas and periods/full stops – inside in the US, outside in the UK. The general rules of direct speech are: Each new character's speech starts on a new line. Quotation marks or speech marks are used to enclose the exact words of a person referred to in speech. They are also called quotation marks and inverted commas.. However, unlike British English, when the speaker information … It is used when someone’s words are repeated exactly word by word. “Let’s go out to dinner!” “He wouldn’t lie to me. Speech marks in American English are somewhat more straight forward. Speech marks are punctuation marks that are used in pairs in various forms of writing to indicate speech or begin a direct quote.. The line of speech ends with a comma, exclamation mark or question mark.

Uses Direct Speech "Yesterday I read a fantastic Wiki page all about speech marks". What are speech marks? For example: Jeremy said, “I can't see her right now, I have a headache." Quotation Marks “ Quotation marks (or speech marks) show that words have been directly quoted. “Why do you treat me this way?” I asked the boss. As with British English, terminal punctuation in American English comes before the inverted comma at the end of the sentence. Speech marks, question marks, exclamation marks and capitalisation are all modelled as well as alternatives to using "said" repeatedly. Punctuation - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary However, they more commonly use double inverted commas. I know it,” said Elaine. Speech is opened with speech marks. Examples “I’ve been working hard all day,” he said.

; Direct speech should sit inside speech marks. Apostrophe ‘ An apostrophe has two main functions.