... Medical Dictionary. cage (kāj), 1. Financial Dictionary; Acronyms. I was leaning over my patient, listening to his lung sounds, when his hand tightened around my wrist. Gastric squeeze, or gas in the gut, often occurs while diving as air inside the body swells during descent and expands during ascent. What does squeezes expression mean? 2. Stryker Proves That the Juice Was worth the Squeeze for Mako. Legal Dictionary. cage [kāj] a box or enclosure. those required in ophthalmology. The average deductible for employer-sponsored health insurance has quadrupled in the last 12 years. How to use the squeeze in a sentence. Scuba diving and altitude changes can affect the external ear, middle ear, and inner ear. Definition of squeeze in the Idioms Dictionary. squeeze-bottle: A bottle made of a flexible, semirigid material that can be deformed by applying hand pressure to it. cage [kāj] a box or enclosure. Hospitals’ Covid-19 Surge Puts EMS Providers in Financial Squeeze In coronavirus pandemic, ambulances have been treating patients in their homes without pay, leading to steep revenue shortfalls View on timesmachine. The Squeeze on Medical Costs. squeeze technique: [ e-jak″u-la´shun ] forcible, sudden expulsion; especially expulsion of semen from the male urethra, a reflex action that occurs as a result of sexual stimulation. The technique discussed here, which we are coining as the “squeeze maneuver,” allows for easy diagnosis and negates the need for an expensive diagnostic tool. Allen, Danielle RN. How to use squeeze in a sentence.

The three components of semen are expelled in quick succession. squeeze-bottle: A bottle made of a flexible, semirigid material that can be deformed by applying hand pressure to it. Illustration by McClain Moore. A partly or completely open enclosure commonly used to house animals. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Danielle Allen is an RN in California. Squeeze definition is - to exert pressure especially on opposite sides of : compress. Directed by Roger Young. those required in ophthalmology. Ear squeeze is the adverse effects of pressure changes on the ear that can occur with scuba diving or with altitude changes that create differences in pressure between the internal ear spaces and the external ear canal.

3. But the company has proven time and again that the juice was worth the squeeze. The Squeeze. Other causes of gastric squeeze may include: drinking carbonated beverages before diving, eating beans before diving, chewing gum during diving, or; repeatedly equalizing the ears with the head down. The squeeze definition is - a situation that causes feelings of stress and pressure. A Los Angeles Times investigation finds even insured workers are going without needed medical … rib cage (thoracic cage) the bony structure enclosing the thorax, consisting of the ribs, vertebral column, and sternum. 4. n. one’s lover. What does squeeze expression mean?