Tiger's iron game is still a work of art -- in progress. His ability to drive the ball off the tee and reach par-5 greens in two shots is a major reason that he has been successful in the toughest golf environments. Tiger Woods on… his process “One of the reasons I’ve been a pretty good iron player over the years is that I take all that into account and make the fluid adjustment. By outdistancing most of his opponents, Tiger has a distinct advantage over his competitors. While you were enjoying your eggnog and fruitcake this holiday season, Tiger Woods concerned himself with something most golfers can relate to: taking his practice swing to the course. … A textbook setup and start to the swing - his upper body is initiating the takeaway (no hand action) and there’s no manipulation of the club face. Answer by FutureLPGAgolfer The same way you swing a two iron or an eight iron. Asked in Golf , Tiger Woods His highest individual measurement came in at 121.51, with the lowest at 115.13. It is important to remember, however, that there is a good chance Tiger Woods’ swing speed can be much faster through whenever he wants to. 1 player in the world because of his talent, mental toughness and power. More in Irons: Honma TR20 P Irons Review May 11, ... Tiger’s specs are 1 swing weight heavier, slightly flatter in some irons, ... P7tw 7 iron spun more at around 400rpm more, went higher on apex by about 7 yards and had a little better descent angle. “We’re not always going to make the most perfect back swing, perfect down swing. TaylorMade P7TW Tiger Woods Irons Review. - Duration: 7:26. Tiger swing sequence, 1. Well, you just have to stand a bit closer, nothing more to it than that. ... IRON SWING VS DRIVER SWING - Duration: 11:20. Textbook setup, which Tiger is known for - his legs, forearms and shoulders are all parallel to the target line, and the club points right to his belt buckle. Tiger stinger sequence, 1. In the 2013 season, Tiger Woods’ swing speed on the PGA Tour was officially an average of 118.30 miles per hour. Tiger Woods Photo by JD Cuban. Tiger Woods is the No. GOLF Swing Rory Mcllroy - Vs Tiger Woods Golf Swing - Identical Swing Geometry! on May 21, 2019.