Rather than write Coach directly out of the show, Coach’s character was continually referred to over the course of the show. Oddly enough, Cheers … Nicholas Colasanto, who played Coach Ernie Pantusso, was beloved by the cast and crew who worked on Cheers. Colasanto was added to the cast for the show's September 1982 debut, and quickly settled into his role as the on-set dad for the rest of the Cheers gang. George Wendt, 68 (Norm Peterson) Wendt’s Norm was one of only two Cheers patrons to appear in every episode — understandably, by the finale, Sam Malone had to have Norm’s tab “calculated by NASA.”He went on to make appearances in many a TV show, including Columbo and The Larry Sanders Show.But outside of Cheers, Wendt is most famous for his role as Bob Swerski in the … Watch full episodes of Cheers. View 9 episodes online for free and an additional 275 episodes from seasons 1 to 11 of Cheers with CBS All Access.

TV deaths that happened because the actor really died. NEWS FEATURES HISTORY WEIRD ... Ernie "Coach" Pantusso was a constant presence on Cheers from the beginning of the series. Colasanto died of a heart ailment February 12, 1985; his last episode was “Cheerio, Cheers.” The hugely successful show continued on for another eight seasons (11 total). Earl Pomerantz, the Emmy-winning television writer behind “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Cheers,” died Saturday at age 75. And when Colasanto, 61, died on Feb. 12, 1985, toward the end of Cheers‘ third season, America’s favorite bar was left without its most beloved character.