Most of the time cloud sync is a quick process taking a second or two to complete, however, can take several minutes on occasion. GFN uploads these 10 auto-save slots to the Steam Cloud save, and my local PC would then download these 10 autosaves from the steam cloud, and when I boot up Cyberpunk on my local PC, I would see only these 10 auto-saves being updated with the latest save progress. Steam Cloud . In fact, most people probably don’t even pay attention to the cloud upload process. In order to make sure my save files are synced, I have to re-launch the game, cancel the launch so I stay in Steam… If this option isn’t checked, Steam won’t automatically download your cloud saves. All your backuped files appear here and CAN BE DOWNLOADED. But it doesn't really matter as Steam seems to controll what is backed up. It’s also the most reliable, secure, and easy to use. Geathman707 Terrarian. FM21 Cloud Save. When playing The Witcher 3, I am able to sync with the steam cloud before the game launches, but after the game closes, it does not give Steam Cloud time to sync. This can take upwards of a few minutes to complete, but once it is, you can then load the cloud save on a different device with the same Steam … Dyson Sphere Program Save Game location. Steams cloud sync function is one of the best yet underrated features of the client, automatically uploading all your game saves, and extra data to the cloud. When I open Steam's cloud_log.txt (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs), I can also see that my local desktop pc sees the files and downloads them, for example: But sometimes, after months or even years of gaming, many unwanted files and old backups/saves the need to be deleted to free up some space for the new games. Steam is probably the most widely known platform that offers automatic cloud saves by default. Example given, my Skyrim saves … Usually, Steam automatically syncs the game’s save data with the cloud each time you finish your gameplay session. It’s important to save your game often if the game does not offer automatic saving. Steam Cloud’s job is to automatically save your data and synchronise it, so you can play your favourite titles across multiple computers without any worries. Sep 28, 2016 #3 The developers have stated in their FAQ that due to some conflict with Steam, they can’t seem to implement cloud saves at the moment. I can see the save files on the Steam Remote Storage page - so the games *are* saved on GFN and synced to Steam. To know how much is allowed I usually online-search it. Losing your saved game is a nightmare for any gamer in the world and it was a major issue for people whose game would either freeze or crash and they would lose their entire game progress when their save file goes corrupt. As long as your Steam account is the same, and Cloud Save is activated, they should automatically appear in your Choose Character page. Click the Updates tab and ensure the Enable Steam Cloud synchronization option is checked for the game. How to download Steam cloud saves. The game saves your progress locally, and if you want to access your data that is how you can do so. Not all games on Steam do, it’s up to each game developer. Go to Steam Cloud Online page and login with your steam credentials. You can then "de-Cloud" them and they will be uploaded to your HD's save folder instead. If you don’t see a Steam Cloud option for a game here, that game doesn’t support Steam Cloud.